About Michael Garlich

Michael Garlich is recognized as an award-winning marketer, a highly-effective communicator and a senior leader trusted by C-level executives at a number of organizations.

He brings the extensive skills and capabilities honed during three decades of leading the successful marketing and communications strategies of major organizations during times of rapid expansion and change.

Michael is adept at crafting and disseminating crisp messaging and effective communications to consumers, to employees and to business / industry stakeholders.

He also has an extensive knowledge and understanding of all facets of 21st century marketing, translating into comprehensive marketing plans that provide a successful road map to cost-effective, impactful advertising.

Michael is committed to lifelong learning and self-development, working with individuals and teams to assist them in continually enhancing their self-awareness and collaborative capabilities.



Successful strategic solutions provided to regional and national clients, including:

     - Society for Information Management (SIM) national Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) programs:

  • Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Hartford CT, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, St. Petersburg FL

     - SIM's Executive RLF

     - Homes by AnnDavid, Inc.

     - SIM Advanced Practices Council

     - Barry University School of Law

     - Seminole County Public Schools

     - Dancing For Diabetes 501c

     - SIM Central Florida Chapter

     - Orange County Public Schools

  • Mid-Florida Tech
  • Orlando Tech
  • West Orange Tech
  • Winter Park Tech

     - Tribune Company

     - Imperial Dynasty


What Others Say


A gifted strategist and communicator

"Michael is a gifted strategist and communicator who delivers impressive work that makes a real difference in many dimensions.  He is a trusted collaborator with a focus and a capture of the essence that is powerful."

Darwin John -- Former CIO of the FBI / Special Advisor to the FBI Director; longtime leader of SIM, RLF and the Executive RLF

Able to achieve new levels of success

"Michael has taken the content to a new level through his marketing skills."

Dr. Mary Jo Greil -- Strategic Change Consultant, Carson Greil Group

A top-notch marketing expert

​"Michael is the best ... the format, content and marketing are top-notch!"

June Drewry -- Former Global CIO and Executive VP of Chubb Insurance Companies; SIM Management Council member; RLF Director of Administration & Finance